The VAST Institute guides organizations and individuals in building a replenishing environment and a quality of life currently beyond their imagination.

The VAST Institute guides organizations and individuals in building a replenishing environment or quality of life beyond their imagination.

For almost three decades, The VAST Institute has developed and delivered an innovative coaching process, which focuses on expanding right use of personal power, conscious business practices, healthy relationships and quality of life enrichment.

VAST Programs

Our programs demonstrate and encourage participants to apply learned knowledge and deploy socially intelligent business practices that will enhance professional standing and generate results. VAST believes that through our choices, both professionally and personally, we possess the ability to significantly improve our communities, the world and ultimately our shared future.

Conscious Commerce

The VAST Institute® Conscious Commerce Program™ mentors decision makers to strengthen the core competencies that optimize a return on human capital while mastering an innovative approach to socially intelligent leadership.


 This toolkit of VAST best practices can be implemented by individuals as well as teams and positions both to deliver extraordinary results. If you are eager to bring your “A-Game” to the marketplace, while promoting mutually beneficial outcomes for a broad array of stakeholders, then this unique program is right for you.


Intentional Life Design

A multifaceted, personal-development program based on the VAST Institute coaching and personal integration process for individuals willing to harness their unique brand of personal power and conscientiously apply it on their own behalf.


Join us and discover a practical approach to constructing a quality of life that honors, nourishes and empowers you to be and achieve your Greatness.


Masterpiece of Humanity

A professional development and VAST Institute certification program designed for Therapists, Healthcare Professionals, Wellbeing Specialists and Visionaries, which allows blending of The VAST Institute® Personal Integration Coaching Model™ into their practice.


This program provides a highly effective, interdisciplinary, mastery-level coaching program designed to strengthen client confidence and wellbeing.  This is an excellent opportunity to re-engineer your practice by including proven VAST Institute success skills for added client value and professional satisfaction.


Peace on Earth

The VAST Institute believes that how we live our daily lives has a significant impact on the wellbeing of our families, workplaces, neighborhoods and the planet at large.


We believe that kindness and mutual respect are two successful yet underutilized strategies for empowerment and goodwill.



Enjoy and check out of or VAST professional and personal approaches to generating a more harmonious world


Find out how what you do matters.


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